Victoria’s Hairy Secret

The lure of feminine charms has given me my share of experiences. Ugh! I’ll begin with recounting an event where a western woman had a difficult time in a Korean Mini-Store.  With obvious frustration she walked back and forth searching and searching again for something apparently hidden or missing.    

Feeling her pain, I inquired what she was looking for. She explained that she was looking for shaving accouterments like razors and shaving cream.  Walking over to the tiny section on the isle with soap and tissue, there were no shaving items to be found. Explaining to this woman from the US that Korean men have little facial hair compared to western men, let alone women.  Surprised by the explanation, she asked me whether or not larger stores might have shaving items for women; at which point I took the liberty to tell her about my Korean wife’s grooming practices.


Like most Korean women, my wife has no hair on her legs, arms, and under arms; in truth, other than pubic hair and head hair, my wife is totally smooth, never needing to shave.  In honest comparison, my time with western women has given me insight into the vastly more challenging shaving needs they face; truly, much more demanding than  a man’s simple shaving efforts.  The majority of western women have copious hair on legs and sometimes arms.  The boundary limits for pubic hair presents a problem as it can spill over across forbidden regions denoted by the “bikini line.”

Do you think western women find the need to remove body hair a simple matter like a daily shower?  Well, in my experience, it’s very much like a man who works to bait his hook before going after fish, where the process of baiting is an obligation of work necessary if he wants to catch fish.  Likewise, women find shaving body hair an obligation of work necessary to catch a man.   

Oh it’s very sensual to feel the lovely soft luxurious touch of a woman’s baby like skin. Day after day and night after night a man’s addiction to a woman’s soft sensual legs is hard to break.  For many western women, the craze of hair removal can sometimes have its limits with her head hair.  With such practices, women present a man with the most irresistibly tempting experience for which his wildest dreams could scarcely produce.   


In due time a man soon tries to stake his claim to this kind of woman like a prospector to a gold mine; a decision and action which fulfills every hope of a woman’s heart.  He marries this sensual dream of a woman taking her as wife to be mother of his progeny.  The woman conceives and prepares for the responsibility to be a mother by making her life comfortable.  How can she make herself comfortable?  Naturally…very naturally by being just the way she was made to be, a woman like most western women whose has hair in all the places just like her husband, except facial hair. 

The nights soon come when after a long day’s work, a husband climbs into bed with his lovely wife to soon feel like he had mistakenly stumbled on to a cactus rest area at Saguaro National Park. Yow!!  Prickly and abrasive is the five-o-clock shadow on his wife’s long leggy lower limbs.  The unexpected thought crosses his mind, “The honey moon is over.”  As with the majority of marriages, all the efforts to present a soft sensual presence was just like efforts of a fisher man to bait hooks.  The husband, now finding his recombinant DNA services unwanted, his wife attempts to cheer him up by letting him know how much she needs his cold hard cash for the insatiable appetite of their rapidly growing brood.

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